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Mrs. Laurel Ferretti

Welcome to the OCS Band. My name is Laurel Ferretti and I’ve been the director since 2000. Band is available for 5th-8th grade.  Beginning band is a required core class for 5th graders.  In the class the students will learn to read and annotate music, play a band instrument, and learn about the major musical periods and some of the famous composers in those periods.  In Advanced Band students prepare songs to be played for the Chapel service on Friday mornings. We love to play hymn tunes and talk about the rich words that teach us about our God who created us and redeemed us through Jesus Christ. We also play a variety of classical and contemporary tunes.  


As a group, we minister to the community by visiting elderly care homes, playing in public places for Christmas, giving concerts and marching in the Kiddie Parade during Feather Fiesta Days. Our goal as a band is to glorify God through the gift of music and to become the best musicians we can be.

Band classes are on Monday and Wednesday mornings.

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