2021.2022         Enrollment Forms

(Grades 1 - 8)

2021.2022   Enrollment Forms






About Tuition Assistance:
It is a joy to see the Lord provide for families who need financial assistance.  It is the financial aid committee's prayer to assign these donated funds in a way that is pleasing to the donors and the Lord; therefore, careful screening is required.  The maximum amount of tuition assistance granted is 50% of the tuition only.   Please complete the Tuition Assistance Application and turn it with your Enrollment Forms. Review of the Tuition Assistance Applications begins in June.  

An investment in your child's future.


Annual Tuition (per child, K-5th grade)   $4,825

Annual Tuition (per child, 6th-8th grade) $4,940

     Discounts: 2% for 2nd Child, 5% for 3rd + child 

     Payment Plans:

          Annual - Due August 1

          Bi-Annual - Due August 1 & January 15

          10 month plan - First payment due August 1

          11 month plan - First payment due July 1

Fee Due at Enrollment:

     New Students: $250 Application Fee per Student


Fees Due July 1, 2021:

     Books & Supplies:

          Kindergarten:  $155

          1st - 8th grade: $240

     PTPF: $30 per family

     Bookkeeping: $35 (waived for Annual or Bi-Annual plans)


Enrollment requires the parent or legal guardian who is financially responsible for the tuition to sign the Enrollment and Tuition Agreement. 

All pricing quoted is for enrollment prior to March 31, 2021.  For enrollment after March 31, 2021 please see the Enrollment and Tuition Agreement.


All pricing quoted reflects a discount of 3.5% for payment by cash or check.