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Parent Resources

God has given the greatest responsibility and blessing to parents.  We have the tremendous job of training children, and God wants them to be willing servants of His to love and protect.  At Oroville Christian School, parents work very closely with the school staff in the education of our children.  We volunteer for playground duty, classroom assignments, field trips, or School Site Council.  There are plenty of places to get involved in our kids education if you have the desire and the time to do it. 

If you’re looking for a school for your elementary aged child where you don’t get lost in the shuffle or get the cold shoulder, come and check us out.  We’d love to show you around and get you plugged into life here at OCS.  


Our Parent-Teacher-Prayer-Fellowship (PTPF) is a great place to get started and keep going! 

PTPF Events

             PTPF Events



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