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Board Responsibilities

School Board 

Core Values

Oroville Christian School affirms the following core values:

  • Scripture is recognized as the revealed Word of God and taught as absolute truth.

  • A rigorous process of the integration of faith and learning in all academic disciplines is maintained.

  • Students should learn how to process information and think in the context of a Biblical world view.

  • Parents have the primary responsibility for the education of their children.

  • A Christian administration and faculty must model Christ in teaching and leading.

  • Professional resources and ongoing training are vital for the development of OCS.

  • OCS should be involved in a plan of consistent internal and external evaluation and assessment for continuous improvement.

  • Organizational practices are thoroughly Christian in all areas including business relationships, financial development, marketing, and personnel management and government relations.

  • OCS is committed to excellence in all programs.

  • The opportunity for Christian schooling should be accessible to families as a means of evangelizing, nurturing and disciplining students for a life of service to God and society.

  • Teaching the Bible as a core subject is essential to the academic curriculum.

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